that ole gag

January 19, 2010

Actress Gabourey Sidibe

initially i too thought how wonderful it was that a new rising star got a chance to perform in such a film.

but now.

now after the dust is settling from the golden globes.

i see something.

i see a film.

i see a film that needs to be made.

i see a part in the film.

this part is not favorable.

this part is ugly, this part is nasty.

a question arises.

who will willingly play this role.

who will be this person so that others may re-act to them.

an idea is brought.

someone lacking experience.


someone GREEN.

someone who will realize only long after its a bit late that maybe TALENT wasnt the only reason why they were sought.


2 Responses to “that ole gag”

  1. tameka said


  2. key said

    and that umbrella!

    couldnt she tell someone to get her a black one.

    the beverly hilton?

    now everyone has to know where you stayed.

    oh well, i guess she was overwhelmed.

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