simply beautiful

January 24, 2010

monique looked AMAZING last night at the SAG awards.

i was stunned.

and so proud.

i was glad the first thing out of her mouth was not thanking god.

can people at least thank the ones who ACTUALLY had something to do with the award.

id like to think that god is busy with real issues and not helping people obtain superficial awards.

priorities people.



2 Responses to “simply beautiful”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I saw her interview with Craig ferguson and she looked amazing. She is just perfection. You can just tell she is comfortable with herself. I’m jealous. : )

  2. key said

    oh yes, she is very comfortable and she should be.

    she blossomed into such a beautiful, poised woman.

    i think once she came to terms with her weight issue and embraced that fact that fat is not cute in anyway.

    she started on the path towards health. not just healthy eating, but healthy thinking as well.

    you can see that she has a completely different prospective on life than she had in her earlier years.

    i think she looks great now, at that size.

    and i wish her all the best on her journey through life.

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