my planet

January 27, 2010

Avatar, le film événement de James Cameron

ive never been comfortable here.

everything seems so strange.

all of yall seem so strange.

well, a few of yall seem aight.

but something is missing.

about ten years ago i started painting blue people.

then one day i took a photo and decided to make myself blue.

i think i found it yall.

i think i found my tribe.


5 Responses to “my planet”

  1. sue said

    GIRL I am soo glad u found your peeps. Actually heard DR VAlentine yesterday speaking about the movie on youtube…check it out. sorry i cant remember the exact link but think the title haS TO DO WITH HAITI AND AVATAR. HE mentioned how the skin color was not white but colored, the massive body tattoo etc associated with original peoples and the language that they spoke which sounded rather native peoples. Stay blue baby! 🙂

  2. Nate said

    And you still look beautiful!

  3. key said

    im telling yall.

    when that ship hovers and i hear the call im going.

    cant wait to see my blue people.

    and see my first sunset back home.

    : )

  4. tameka said

    you found your people? you found your home? and to think all this time i thought we were related. go figure.

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