okay, the joke’s on us kelis

January 29, 2010

kelis data awards alexander mcqueen armadillo shoes 02
i guess there is something that we dont get.
something that we are missing.
i get it.
i just have a quick question.
why not just teleport away.
why even give us a glimpse into your universe that we obviously are too ignorant to understand.

5 Responses to “okay, the joke’s on us kelis”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    Doesn’t it kind of remind you of the movie, Where the wild thing are? Sometimes less is more. She is working hard to stay out there even though she be getting those PHAT child support checks.

  2. key said

    i dont know why she is trying to STAY.

    i think a lot of people were glad to see her GO the first time.

    and yes, it does remind me of where the wild things are.

    i guess the wild things are in kelis’s closet.

  3. Tameka said

    i thought we already celebrated Halloween

  4. key said

    we did poo, we did!!!!!!

  5. Pauline said


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