america, america

February 1, 2010

Taylor Swift

this child has more grammy’s than her little arms can hold.

well i guess there is no surprise for taylor’s swift rise to fame.

after all, a black man did insult her on national television.

i too hated taylor for no reason.

but last night after she sang her own grammy award winning song off pitch after having a whole year to practice with david foster or whoever the hell, and she STILL could not hit notes that she wrote for herself.

why, i just have to say wow.


lets not be impolite and not congratulate the girl.

that would just be plain rude.


4 Responses to “america, america”

  1. tameka said

    key be nice. the girl was excited to be winning all those grammy’s

  2. key said

    she should be stunned like the rest of us.

    stunned and confused.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    They made Kanye pay for offending a white woman. Did you that picture of him carrying Lady GAga looking like Kunta Kente in that david lachappelle photoshoot?……Traaagedy

  4. key said

    yes i did.

    i was so confused as to why that was supposed to be good.

    he looked a little scary.

    the eyes??

    that was the look they were going for?


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