clever arent we gaga

February 1, 2010

so that is how she was able to go from hollywood hair to cher hair in a manner of minutes.

its not about lace front anymore.

your hair is now simply attached to your outfit.

so that whole thing just simply slips on and off.

wow gaga.

even im gagging over this one.


and let me just say that they must have dug kevin aucoin up from his grave because he is the ONLY one that could beat her face that well.

and i loved.


the shoes.


she was a wittle twinkle, wittle star.


4 Responses to “clever arent we gaga”

  1. key said

    yes ms ross!!!

  2. Maddy McMan said

    You need to start a new blog dedicated to fashion commentary.

  3. key said

    do you think!

    but what ever shall i say?


    no seriously…

    you giving me homework?

    a project?

    I LOVE IT!

    ill see what i can do.

    : )

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