its still all about beyonce

February 1, 2010

yeah jennifer hudson looked amazing.

and gaga wowed me again.

but its still all about that beyonce.

she gets an A+.

passing one of the hardest days in the music industry.


not only did she look fabulous as usual.

but she actually said she loved jay z aloud in a room where people could hear her.

i live for beyonce.

i truly do.

i just have a quick question.

why was julius there, or julian or whatever the childs name is.

why was he there ike?

im so tired of seeing all these little mulatto spawns that tina is conjuring up in the bayous of new orleans.

enough tina!


we know, we know.

we know, that you found that potion to ensure the birth of a creole lookin baby.

we’re  just wondering if you gonna slip some to beyonce.

or are you gonna let her have that camel lookin baby.

Witch's Brew


4 Responses to “its still all about beyonce”

  1. tameka said

    lol leave that little boy alone

  2. key said

    girl she got that potion!

  3. Maddy McMan said

    LMAO! That was hilarious. It was funny yet poignant. You know she consult them bones about the check other babies.

    They are probably workin on a potion for him to take up young B’s place when the time comes. It better be powerful because it hasn’t worked on Solange yet. And she is clearly the more well rounded sibling. I think Bey slipped her some bad juju.

  4. key said

    juju !!!!!!


    yes, exactly.

    tina think she slick.

    im watching her.

    : )

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