black history month: day 3

February 3, 2010



A beautiful poet and a pioneer of monotheism.

Akhenaten’s reign is both praised and criticized by historians.

In the past, I recall him being revered for his contribution to a more “structured” religious system.

A belief in one god.

One he called the Aten.

However, in recent years I have read a few articles that attribute the downfall of ancient african culture and civilization to the conflicting views introduced by Akhenaten.

Personally, I feel that he was probably never fully understood by his public in the first place.

And I feel its a bit far-fetched to blame one man for the downfall of an entire society.

For me Akhenten appears to be the strong quiet type.

He was an artist and he appears to have been very romantic.

All I know is aside from Nefertiti he had a lesser wife named Kiya.

And it is rumored that she bore him two sons.

One that is believed to be Tutankhamun.

Could it be that the full name of this lesser wife was Sha-Kiya.  ???

Im just saying.

Maybe it is true.

Maybe I was is boo for minute a long time ago.

Happy Black History Month Akhenaten.

Wherever you are.


2 Responses to “black history month: day 3”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I wish that so much of our culture wasn’t shrouded in mystery or just stamped out(by colonialism). Black people making monumental achievements are too much for people still. Our cultures and contributions are twisted and coopted by ______. History just keeps on repeating…from the Romans in Egypt to Elvis.

    I just got off that soap box. Black History Month really brings it out of me. Happy BHM! 🙂

  2. key said


    i love it!

    get it out!

    all the anger. : )

    and yes i feel you.

    i too have moments when i get really angry and i wonder what would life be like had we not been snatched away from our lands.

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