then dont have em

February 6, 2010

im so tired of seeing women eating whole meals on the train.

and its always the ones that you know coming from work.

and they probably have three kids at home that they dont want to share their double cheese beef taco with.

news flash.

you the mama.

you gots the share ALL YOUR SHIT.

thats how that goes.

you dont want the share your # 3 meal from taco bell.

dont have kids.

dont have em.


4 Responses to “then dont have em”

  1. LMBO! You are soooo special! That’s why I love u so, my friend!

  2. key said

    but is true!!!

    they be eatin’ !!!!!


  3. Maddy McMan said

    haha. but at the same time..u probably think, “damn that smells good now i want some mexican food.”

    I know I do.

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