mcqueen is dead

February 11, 2010

today alexander mcqueen hung himself and i must say that makes me a bit sad.

as a kid all i wanted was to be a designer, maybe a model.

i would dream of traveling to paris to see fashion shows.

hobnobbing with the whose who of couture.

now that mcqueen is gone who is left really.

galliano gives it to me.

so does balenciaga.

miu miu does it to me.

but there was something about ms mcqueen.

and now she is gone,



2 Responses to “mcqueen is dead”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    That is truly ashamed because he was supremely talented. I think that early in his career he was overshadowed by Galliano but recently his creative powers surpassed even Galliano’s. We are missing out on future works of art. one of kind.

    • key said

      i agree that galliano was all the rage for many years.

      and it was until recently after isabella blow’s death that he was know amongst us commoners.

      what wonder what he has in those sketch books???

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