February 13, 2010

so today my imaginary boyfriend is taking me to see wolfman.

and even though i will be lusting after benicio, i will also be checking out  that fashion.

i got a little glimpse of what ms. emily blunt will be wearing and i must say im a bit jealous.

she gets to wear 19th century goth garb AND make out with a wolfman.

i wonder if his bite is as big as his growl.

but i digress.

yes, my imaginary boo is taking me to see my other imaginary boo.


2 Responses to “film”

  1. andrew said

    Do you remember when he walked by us in the garage on mulberry street? he noticed us (cough cough) enjoying our summer afternoon?

  2. key said

    OH MY GOD !!!!!!

    im so glad you reminded me of that!!!!

    i almost forget!

    yes , we saw him.

    im all his wonderful, manly glory we saw him.

    i can remember now.

    oh yes,

    we saw him.

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