black history month: day 15

February 15, 2010

I love Bill Cosby.

And I’m a big fan of The Cosby Show.

What I loved most about the show was its use of music.

Bill Cosby introduced me to jazz and the blues.

My artistic journey has been inspired by him in so many ways.

I thank him for introducing me to things that maybe a father would to a daughter.

Like a song by Big Maybelle.

Happy Black History Month Bill Cosby.

Wherever you are.

Big Maybelle


One Response to “black history month: day 15”

  1. Tameka said

    i love Bill Cosby too. he really did introduce us to so many different styles of music . he allowed me to enjoy the late great Ray Charles! because THE NIGHT TIME NOW (NIGHT AND DAY) IS THE RIGHT TIME (NIGHT AND DAY)TO BE (NIGHT AND DAY) WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE NOW (NIGHT AND DAY)! YEAH!!!!!!!!! THAT SONG BE JAMMIN.

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