duty, honor, status, and DUTY

February 16, 2010

i tend to romanticize everything.

yes, including foot binding.

women go through worse for an old, ugly, evil, poor man.

what if the man was sweet and smart and fine and rich.

and all he wanted was for you to crunch your big ole foot into a two-inch silk shoe.

what would you do ?

i tell you what i wouldn’t be doing.

i wouldnt  be sitting in that dirty rice field anymore.

id be in silk,  on a warm bed,  learning to play a lap harp.


18 Responses to “duty, honor, status, and DUTY”

  1. sunshine said

    i hate myfeet but not enough to foot bind
    then theyd be big bound feet @_@

  2. key said

    you dont want status?


  3. sunshine said

    haha i wish!
    thats why im going to Israel and Jordan 😛
    (as if id make a differance lol)
    but i wish!

  4. key said

    israel and jordan?

    lucky you..

    are you visiting relatives or just exploring?

  5. Sunshine said

    a little of both
    i was gonna go see my “secret husband/ lover” lol *sigh * i wish
    but both my mom wants to go too
    and wants to learn hebrew and arabic with me 🙂

  6. key said

    hebrew AND arabic ! ?

    awww. i wanna learn too!

    i love japanese and of course french.

    the only arabic i know is religious.

    inshallah, maashallah, alhualhamdulillah,

    i love languages.

    i wish i could learn then all.

    : )

  7. sunshine said

    Yes it gonna be hard but i pulled spanish so ill get through some how…
    You should! ^^ its so amaing somehow i feel complet
    thats so hard 😐
    I fail at french but my dad knowns japanese

    I love them to i used to say
    if youknow three languages your trilingual , if you know two languages you are bilingual if you know one you are an american 😛

    I too wish to learn all languages keep learning till i die!

  8. key said

    i love singing in different languages.

    its a lil hobby i have.

    lord knows what im saying, but im have a hell of a time saying it.


    you should try that if you havent, its a blast!

    : )

  9. sunshine said


    I did the same thing in 6th grade 😀
    sometimes ill do it everynow and again(hen i can hold a note or two)

    Lol well thats normal ya know even tho i would fear someone would misinturprit when they hear me hehe 🙂

    Its so fun i love to have my friends to teach me songs in their language and i/we attempt to sing hahahaha

  10. key said

    it really is a good feeling.

    i have the most fun singing songs when i have no idea what im saying.

    i love trying to sing chinese opera.

    almost impossible, but sooo much fun trying.

    i actually learned a bit of one.

    and of course i must learn a song in russian.

    : )

  11. Sunshine said

    haha yea it is 🙂

    i already know id fail terribly at chinese opera lol

    even tho i sound like a kid almost lol

    thats so cool i had a bf whos dad knew russian

  12. key said


    please dont get me started on russia and russian men and that voice.

    oh im sorry.

    see i got lost again.

  13. Sunshine said


    Yea i had a thing for this one guy from russia…so much muscle!

    I havent a clue now but the man i am gaga over is from jordan <3~ lol

    Love is love though and everyone shall like and love whomt hey wish ya know ^^ 😛

    haha omg i get lost too especially if they are right in fornt of me! lol

  14. key said

    tell me about it!


  15. sunshine said



    Hopefully everything with this guy will go smooooooth!

    ims o …how can i put it lol idk daring! lol
    when it comes to man! 😛 and other stuff too 🙂

  16. key said

    are you confessing something?


    sounds like you wanna confess your sins.


    what have you done boobie ?!?

  17. Susnhine said

    Yes I need to …

    Oh my gosh Ive done alot!

    well in my book

    I wanna see my “fiance” but were not working out so ive been dating my friend on the side

    I fell bad but he’s acctually better than my fiance…

  18. key said

    mmm hmm

    just as i thought!


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