tyra, tyra, tyra

February 18, 2010

why are you really laughing tyra.

tyra love her some beyonce.

mmm hmm.

why aint tyra married ?

even kimora lee simmons stopped all that lesbian loving and found a man.

tyra boobie.

game over.


7 Responses to “tyra, tyra, tyra”

  1. Tameka said


  2. sue said

    love it

  3. key said

    im just saying.

    : )

    no judgement.

  4. Maddy McMan said

    Kimora got her some that original stuff..thats how she gave up dining 😉 Ol’ Russy wasn’t putting it down nowhwere but her bank account. I think Tyra and the Queen would make a good match…I think she could get Tyra to shut up for little while…

  5. key said

    honey yes!

    aint djimon fine!!

    that man will make rosie o ‘donnell think twice.

    i agree tyra and beyonce would look cute together.

    but i dont think kelly would like that.


  6. Maddy McMan said

    my bad I meant Queen Latifah not Queen Bey. I got my queens mixed up…..

    You know kelly would be hiding in the background singing that Vesta song, Congratulations.

  7. key said


    …..i thought i would have been me.


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