homewreaking is bad for the skin

February 19, 2010

so home wreacker keys has some skin issues.

maybe she just needs to drink a lil more water.

maybe she should try the pro-active she was advertising not long ago.

maybe she is allergic to something.

or maybe she should have thought twice before sneaking around with a married man.


5 Responses to “homewreaking is bad for the skin”

  1. You go hard on yoru blog….man 🙂

  2. key said

    yeah, isn’t it awesome.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    I think Mashonda been consultin’ dem bones. Miss Tina Knowles’ magic don’t come cheap but she’s worth it…obviously 🙂

  4. key said



  5. Tameka said

    must she be all of that. a homewrecker key. really?????

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