leo oh leo

February 21, 2010

i have been in love with leonardo dicaprio since growing pains.

if i ever get to be in a film with him and suddenly rumors start to fly that were are lovers.

i want you to know that the rumors are true.

very true.


we make love.

all day and night.

on the floor.

with the faucet water overflowing onto us.


rolling around.

all day.


3 Responses to “leo oh leo”

  1. I’m sure that Titanic soundtrack will be oozing over the speakers as you do the dew 🙂

  2. key said

    yoooouuuuuu’rrrrreeeeee heeeerrrreeeee.

    tthheeeerreee’sssss nooooothhhiinngg i ffffeeeaarrrr.

    aaannnddd iii kkknnoowwww tthhaat myy heart willl.

    go ooooonnnnnnn..


  3. Tameka said

    this is too much

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