a lil too much bronzer, but fabulous

February 22, 2010

my am am was at a fashion event last week.

love this dress on her.

but i need for her to make that big leap.

i wanna see you in that campaign with l’oreal am am .


4 Responses to “a lil too much bronzer, but fabulous”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    That blonde caesar is really working for her. maybe she is using bronzer to let the people know that she is one of “us.” I have a friend that swears ambi is white but thats a whole other topic for another day.

    I wonder when Kanye and she are gonna give up the glass charade of a “relationship.” I feel like they are best friends. What u think?

  2. key said


    i think she is partly black which in my book means you black.

    didnt there used to be a one drop LAW in this country.

    you couldnt be considered white even if you looked white.

    they would check your lineage.

    so yeah she black.

    and about the ” relationship ”

    well, i think he need to just come on out.

    and im sure they are good friends who understand when they both need to see different people.

    i just hope am am is getting compensated accordingly.

    na mean.

    • Maddy McMan said

      I agree. She black. This friend of mine has issues with color. Anything thats kind of light, she’ll praise it like its white(i tried too install some pride in that brain but it was not to be).

      I hope ambi is gettin compensated accordingly too. Oh, yeah, his closet is crystal clear.

  3. key said



    i love am am..

    i want her to go FAR!!

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