lost my mind at 3:47

February 24, 2010


im always late with music.

that’s  because ill hear a song and love it and then only listen to that song for a whole year.

today i was reminded by fellow artist christian ericson of bilal’s album “love for sale”.

the album is amazing.

but on this song,

i seriously almost spit out my juice at  3:47.

i’ve been listening to that rift for about two hours now.

and i’m not even gonna talk about the drums and bass.

this song is amazing.

i too have laid in the sun too long bilal.

i remember those days,

laying in the hot sun with the sand rubbing against his skin.

and tequila.

and big pink lips.

oh im sorry,

i got lost again.


even the sun moves on.

but why bilal,

why must we move on.


2 Responses to “lost my mind at 3:47”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    Bilal is great. I remember seeing him in Fort Greene Park singing a few years back. He was singing while smoking at the same time. That is talent.

  2. key said

    was he ?!?

    i used to practice doing that in my room…

    sitting there singing billie with a cigarette.

    i guess he got it down packed.

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