poem of the day

March 2, 2010

and then what.



3 Responses to “poem of the day”

  1. Seeker said

    I asked my self as the image became clearer…
    I’ve realized most of my life was spent beneath the surface, in solitude,
    in search of these illuminated stairs that only till then appeared in dream.
    I almost never expected to find it..
    Totally unaware of how much time I’ve actually spent down here.. alone…
    I was only aware that for many years I’ve ran, walked, crawled, sometimes laughing often crying hysterically down these long dark corridors not knowing what I was actually in search of… but what I did know was that to cease moving would equate to my physical death….
    Terrified of being an able mind and spirit within a vessel, a body that could not fly is a thought I was sure that would hand deliver me to that reality…
    From time to time Id be reminded by a scent or by the running water that seem
    to find its way from the skies to the earth beneath me that I needed to press on.
    Now..Unsure as to weather or not I was dreaming or if I stood before an illusion
    as I have in the past, is when I feel my spine begin to separate…Unable to bare the pain of what felt like being struck with an ax.. I scream!!!! with tears in my eyes , I fall to my knees…
    I can feel warm blood racing down my arms and as my palms lay face down in the dark mud I often fed on, I look over my shoulders to see where or how I became wounded..
    Terror rinsed over my body like cold water.. I tried frantically to catch my breath.. it seemed like hours past before my breathing slowed.. Once it did, with enormous hesitation I turned slightly to look again and noticed…
    I Bore Wings !!!
    slowly the pain subsided.. and,
    with the all the strength I had left in my body, I rose to my feet.. I immediately focused on the light leading to the top of the steps and asked my self again.. Afraid.. Once at the top,
    then what ?
    and in an instant I knew.. I will fly.. Im going to run… I’m going to jump.. and then I will fly…

  2. key said

    oh wow!

    i really loved that.

    oh my..

    mmmm i did.

    : )

    is there more where that came from?

  3. Charles said

    There is.. I love that picture..Its inspiring. Thanks for posting it.

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