where is vlad, i want vlad

March 2, 2010

bram stokers dracula

okay so.

i want vlad.

i just think he is so romantic.

this movie would have been so different if i were mina.

after these seven minutes the film would have been over cause,

i would have definitely moved back to transylvania with vlad.

honey, when he says, ” i have crossed oceans of time to find you.” ,

i scream, every time.

and this score.

i cant stop watching these seven minutes.

and three seconds.

garyoldman is so amazing as dracula.

i cant stand it.

his performance drives me insane.


2 Responses to “where is vlad, i want vlad”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    thats hilarious… would you have told keanu(my bad,”jonathon harker”) 😉 to keep his stiffness in England or would you snatch him too on your way back to the castle?

  2. key said


    i would have told jonathan to hit the bricks.

    it would have been all about dracula and that huge castle i have to redecorate.

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