history before my eyes

March 8, 2010

Geoffrey Fletcher\

last night history was made when mr. geoffrey fletcher won the oscar for his screenplay adaption of precious.

i must say, i was happy that abc and cabelvision solved their problems over at the big house, so that us negro folk could see some of our shit manifesting over the screens.


3 Responses to “history before my eyes”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I’m just glad they didn’t try to play US like they’ve done in the past. EX: Halle and Denzel both winning for what wasn’t their best work…and 3-6 Mafia performing “its hard out here for a pimp,” The Color Purple…the list goes on.

  2. key said

    i mean honestly.

    i accept the academy, as well as all of the awards for what they are.

    its all crap really.


    every now and again in life i think its nice to indulge oneself in a healthy superficial event.

    should it be a game of spades, or maybe even skipping rocks.

    there is nothing wrong with having a balance of things that matter and things that dont.

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