wow, but stop right there

March 8, 2010

yes i live for the skinny girls.

but not everyone looks good thin.

and vice verse.

i think jennifer looks good right here.

dare i say, maybe even a little bigger.

i know she is preparing for that role as winnie mandela.

but, was winnie that thin?

if she gets any smaller, they may have to borrow her wardrobe from kate moss.


3 Responses to “wow, but stop right there”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    I agree. This needs to be her stopping point. Some people do need a little meat on them. Did you see kelly price after she lost all of her weight? Her bone structure was meant for her to be a full figured woman…maybe not as full as she was but full.

  2. key said


    i didnt like kelly body thin like that.

    but hey, people dem gone do what they gone do.

    i wonder how beyonce gone look fat.


    just kidding.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    stop playing. you know that day for beyonce is gonna come and it won’t be pretty. lol

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