song of the day

March 11, 2010

alyson williams


6 Responses to “song of the day”

  1. Charles said

    I love this song… Brings back fond memories of my Mother and Father and young love I guess, lol.. and now someone new… Thanks for posting.. In the video there is young boy playing basketball with his Father.. One of my favorite scenes.. and of course the first scene.. The young girl going back home..
    Thank you ladyplum..

  2. key said

    im so glad you enjoyed the post today.

    its wonderful how music reminds us of so much in our lives.

    : )

  3. Tameka said

    when will you to stop this love fest. you killin me pete! you killin me! (remember that that from the movie remember the titans) yall swear yall got to share a hi charles, this is her only cousin tameka! lol

  4. key said


    ima kill you gal.

    straight, kill.


  5. Maddy McMan said

    I remember when she came to the village underground. She was so good.

  6. key said

    did she?

    wow, that must have been a treat.

    id love to see her perform myself.

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