im kinda living for this

March 17, 2010

i finally had a chance to sit down and watch this gaga/beyonce video business.

and i must say.

i thought the video was quite interesting.

however, i did think that gaga was better at that ole acting stuff than bee.

i was impressed with gaga’s performance.

who knew.

and i wonder who was the creative director.

the styling was bananas.


2 Responses to “im kinda living for this”

  1. Maddy McMan said

    Ain’t it crazy? I just love how crazy it is…and they are still putting them illuminati symbols in videos. Even Rudeboy got em but i digress.

    That part with them munching that burrito and lady gaga in her “Let Make A Sandwich” dance/vogue femme scene still cracks me up.

  2. key said


    they are ushering that stuff in in droves now.

    and still it goes undetected by the masses.

    i guess it is true that most people have the intelligence of a sixth grader.

    oh well….

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