you can have mine

March 25, 2010

the one thing i was not eating from my easter basket was them nasty peeps.
now i love a marshmallow.
but i like it plain.
you can toast it a little with the flame from the stove.
but please dont put yellow or blue foolishness over my marshmallow.
luckily as i child i was able to give them to my aunt.
she loved them.
it was nice to be able to give her that gift.
keeping with the good spirit of easter and all.

8 Responses to “you can have mine”

  1. 2 Bunnies in a Basket said

    Geeze did I hate those yellow things.. What are they Ducks?

  2. key said

    i think little baby chickens.

  3. Looks like a Power Ranger monster.


  4. key said

    its a weird candy.

  5. peca said

    i know that’s right. i hate those damn peeps too. i don’t know who made those peeps but that is just disgusting. the world should band those at easter.

  6. key said

    @ poo


  7. Maddy McMan said

    I used to eat my whole pack when I was little. Yeah I was fat… and also ate all the easter eggs I found too.. oh, memories 🙂

  8. key said


    the whole pack?? lmao

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