is he done cooking yet

March 29, 2010

did chris brown become a man yet cause im hungry.

well did he.

maybe i should invite him over for tea.

and see what stage he at.


9 Responses to “is he done cooking yet”

  1. peca said

    honey he is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! isn’t he. it just doesn’t make any sense. at all

  2. key said

    poo i know….

    but is he done cooking is what im askin.


  3. peca said

    i know somebody better get off my chris brown alone. you got to show him some love. cuz you know why? he didnt do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. key said



    we not talking about what he did or didnt do honey.

    nobody mentioned anything about him dragging folks through bushes like ike dragged tina through the halls and into that bedroom with the round bed that jackie had to later console her in.

    nobody said anything about that.

  5. peca said

    i’m just saying leave my chris brown alone. because honey he can cook my meal anytime? or i will gladly feed him OKAY!

  6. key said

    cook your meal??

    he aint chef boyardee.

    he is chris brown.


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