March 30, 2010

Misty Mauve SF Satin

i like mauve.

dont you like it tameka.

cause thats what i better be seeing.


4 Responses to “mauve”

  1. peca said

    mauve? really key? mauve? i am going to kill you! i am wearing black!!! and singing AT LAST!!!!!!!! mauve? but honey for you i will wear it. but i am curious what color will___and___ be wearing? just wondering. (you going to kill me)

  2. key said


    you will wear mauve.

    you will smile.

    you will NOT sing at last.

    and you will wear MAUVE.


  3. peca said

    okay but what color will ____ be wearing. since you telling everyone else what to wear

  4. key said

    you just make sure you know what color tameka is wearing…


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