enough already

April 5, 2010

back and forth i go with these damn cigarettes.

and i have to tell you its so hard to quit when i keep getting annoyed.


universe just give me what i want already.

my career, my three connecting brownstones, and a genie in a bottle.

then i wont get annoyed.

then i’ll be relaxed and i wont have to smoke.

is that so hard to do.


nevertheless, ive decided to quit.


despite life’s displeasing efforts to amuse me.

i’ve decided to take initiative and show her who’s boss.

i am fierce.

i can breathe.

and i’m going to get what i want.

and stay healthy too.


10 Responses to “enough already”

  1. I never took you for a cig smoker.

    That’s okay.

    At least you have a cool addiction, not a nerdy addiction.

  2. key said


    what’s a nerdy addiction ?

    : )

  3. key said

    the pot calling the kettle black.

    i stay in the house.

    but seriously.

    GET OUT!

  4. sue said

    dint know u were on the ciggies… 😦 that can only mean one thing…hummmm. u better go buy your ass a plant pot n some fertilizer.:O

  5. key said

    girl i am on it!


  6. Pauline said

    Keep trying and don’t give up. You can do it! You will be stronger for it!

  7. key said

    im doing it.

    oh my…

    ; )

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