that spring cleaning darling

April 6, 2010

i slaughtered my closets today.

i destroyed them.

they are basically empty now.

only possessing the things i actually used in the last 365 days.

i threw away five large lawn garbage bags filled with papers and junk i was saving for what i dont know.

i still have memorabilia but most of that crap is gone.

and i didnt put on any music cause yall know i cant get through a song without stopping and singing some part of it.

so it was just me and the sounds of the streets.

and now i feel so much better.

ah cleaning.


5 Responses to “that spring cleaning darling”

  1. Yeah for a clean closet.

  2. Pauline said

    My goodness, spring cleaning. Do you ladies find that you need to throw things away but you just can’t find it in yourself to throw it away?
    And I totally hear you about the music,lol. That’s why I take too long, lol. But hey I love singing, it’s the dancing at the same time that slows me down, lol.

  3. key said


    no music, otherwise ill never finish.

    as far as throwing things away, i just close my eyes and say, ” have i worn this in the last year?”

    if no, then let go.

    : )

  4. peca said

    You made a salad honey?

  5. key said


    i cleaned.

    : )

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