yes diane, yes

April 6, 2010

i cant wait to sit down with diane and tell her all.

tell her about my cousin tameka that didnt let me rehearse as much as i needed to and its a miracle that im the success that i am.

oh ima tell her.

ima tell her how tameka didnt make sure she had a passport so that she can travel with me so i wont get lonely and end up like amy winehouse.

she trying to hold me back like charmaine.

oh ima tell.

ima tell diane all.


2 Responses to “yes diane, yes”

  1. peca said

    I dont care. I have a couple of stories to tell diane myself you know and it is going to be a tell all book. And you know i know a lot. lol

  2. key said


    you gonna write honey,

    you gonna write that tell all.


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