just so you know

April 7, 2010

today i realized that it will be posthumous.

and im really okay with that.

actually i have no choice because my efforts are in vain.

haha life.

i figured it out.

it doesnt matter how hard i try to make a move.

it wont happen.

cause im still alive.

oh thats right.

i have to be dead first and then the acknowledgment comes.

i keep forgetting that part.

and by the way.

i want a glass casket so everyone can watch me rot.



4 Responses to “just so you know”

  1. peca said

    Glass? Now where the hell am i suppose to find that at?

  2. key said

    just find it, or ill haunt your ass.


  3. peca said

    haunt? you the ghost whisperer now? lol

  4. key said

    tameka if i hear you refer to that damn ghost whisperer one more time i swear …..

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