next they’ll be scanning my eyeballs

April 14, 2010

yesterday i went to buy a metrocard and the machine asked for my zip code.

seriously, i almost left for the airport to escape this concentration camp while i could.

are they for real.

is this really happening.

and everyone is walking around with the mental ability of a sixth grader letting these fools enslave us, again.

im sorry but its almost hilarious.

next they’ll have a spot where you put your finger so they can get a blood sample from you before you can purchase a card.

just to make sure you’re actually human, and healthy.

dont forget,

people who posses  “weapons of mass destruction”  are viewed as threats to           “humanity”   and most likely wont be allowed to leave certain areas.

so people, stay  healthy.


2 Responses to “next they’ll be scanning my eyeballs”

  1. Awake said

    Stay healthy and aware !!!

  2. key said

    yes, please.

    : )

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