put the bass in your walk, head to toe

April 14, 2010

i dont know about yall but i watch drag race religiously.

i live for ru and the gurls.

my favorite part is when ru comes out in one of her gowns before she judges the gurls.

and they play my song.

cover girl.



7 Responses to “put the bass in your walk, head to toe”

  1. J.R. said

    Key, you were a “gay” man in another life! LOVE YOU!

  2. peca said

    you just had to blog on this didnt you. but its cool because of “if you dont love ur self how the hell can you love someone else” lol

    • Tiffany Gonslaves said

      I LIVE for Ru and the Dolls! I am “Ru-Ting” for Raven…I used to dig Tatiana, but she lost her appeal.

      I love when Ru says “Lip Synch for your Lyffffe!” lol

  3. key said

    yes j.r i was !!!

  4. key said

    yes tiffany!

    i love when she says, ” bring in….. ( deep breath; pause ) ..the gurls.

    i scream every time.


  5. peca said

    i think trya sanchez (the other trya)as ru says is going to take it yall. she been coming with it.

  6. key said

    i agree, the other tyra is very cute.

    but she is soooo evil.

    yeah, she is probably gonna win.

    shante, you stay.


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