falling out of me darling

April 19, 2010

one of my favorite tunes.

a song about how some people want to see you bare, bleeding, down by the waist side.

but in the end all that revealing is actually good for you.

its good for the journey to sometimes let it all hang out.

be free, be naked.

show the fear, the insecurity.

cause in the end those are all the things that make you, you.

fall out of yourself,

see yourself for the first time,



5 Responses to “falling out of me darling”

  1. As a heads up, I’m putting your YT videos on my blog. I was gonna feature a picture of yours there to, but I wanna see how you feel about the post before I do that.

  2. Maddy McMan said

    Sorry I couldn’t be there. My allergies were killing me.

    However I did go today and I got hit with some major racism. They would not let me in. I even got called a “that.” Do you know the name and number of the owner or manager because I have to be Rosa Parks?(I hope its not a problem).

    • key said

      oh my,

      im so sorry that you had such an awful experience at ella lounge.

      i do not know who owns the place, i only deal with a gentleman that books me and he is black.

      its like im playing at the cotton club or something.


      okay, was that a bad joke.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    Well last night it wasn’t even the cotton club. They should have called it The Jim Crow Spot. The few black people they let in were attached to a crowd of white people. You know how that is(less of a threat).
    How dare they? Playing black music but you won’t let us in. I say play some john mayer, elvis and simon & garfunkel. That will surely keep us out.

    They came up with every excuse in the book until they came out with that truth. The even pulled a black bartender outside to pass him off as the general manager but my friend called him out because she had seen him before. Anways i digress, i digress…

    I got the names of the owner off the internet and even found them of Facebook, i tell you…the miracle of the internet is a great one. Now I must channel MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Marcus Garvey to do the work that must be done.

  4. key said

    good for you!

    go get em’.

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