April 30, 2010

did tyra make that amount of money that you can make so you can sit down and not work anymore.

i bet she has.

i bet her accountant has told her many times,  ” ms. banks. um…. you’ve banked. so…. you can sit down now.”

i wonder when she’ll sit.

i caught a glimpse of her show the other afternoon.

and i wasnt surprised.

it was as pointless and listless as i recalled.

she had a show about people with jobs no one wants, i guess she was supposed to be channeling discovery channels dirty jobs.

whatever the hell she was trying to do, it was boring.

i was bored, she was bored.

the people on the panel were bored.

did you make it yet tyra.

the trillion, the quintillion, the quattuordecillion.

cause i cant take it no more ms. sallie.

we get it.

you’re not just a model.

you had a vision, you can produce.

you’re amazing.


end scene.

and slow fade to black.


6 Responses to “enough”

  1. sue said


  2. JR said

    This is Tyra’s last season of her show. I think she has had enough, and is done with that thing. However Top Model has a million more seasons left! I think she is also producing other projects.

  3. key said

    what she should do is make a modeling show for us old gals.

    im too old for top model now.

    : (

  4. tameka said

    leave her!!!!!!

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