so now they wanna spill oil

May 26, 2010

its amazing that the short supply of drinkable water the earth possesses is now likely to be cut in half due to the stunts they’ve been pulling these days.

not to mention all the other ecological strains this oil will create.

absolutely astonishing.

well, i must say i take my hat off to them.

clever people, really they are.

so now i guess they’ll create some fund that they’ll ask us to pour the little coins we have left into.

yes, WE must help save the earth.

cause, WE need to live here.

i guess its not happening fast enough.

you know, our demise.

we just seem to keep on living.

AND growing.

damn us.


4 Responses to “so now they wanna spill oil”

  1. sue said

    I love you ;}

  2. Maddy McMan said

    Them Illuminati plots just keep on coming.

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