wouldnt it be lovely

May 7, 2010

id love a silver tea pot.

actually a set.

but a pot would be nice to start with.


im sure it makes the tea taste divine.


minnie ripperton

for many years i would shy away from listening to ripperton tunes.

as a child her voice always made me tear up.

and then one day my mom told me that she had died.

from then i never wanted to hear songs from her.

it just made me too sad.

but recently while i was in the studio, supernova played this song for me.

i have to say it is now my favorite song.

and im sorry i waited so long to appreciate minnie.

her voice has been healing for me.

i made peace with her tones and now allow them to do their magic.

awww memories

May 4, 2010

just the scent of mr. bubble brings back found memories of bath time.

it was a treat for me to have mr. bubble and i cherished every moment of those baths.

even now when i have a little extra money, ill treat myself to a bottle.


love that scent.


May 3, 2010


May 2, 2010

i just love strawberry shortcake.

i try to save a lil room for it when i know it’ll be served for dessert.

it’s just heaven with every bite.

the roots them

May 2, 2010

make sure to take care of your hair.

try to keep it natural.

from the tip to the root.

you’ll be oh so happy you did.

here is a video of some happy hair.

natural hair care stylist yendys nefer atum has cared for these crowns for years.

i personally love the hair oil she makes.

eric roberson has a beautiful voice.

but this song makes me so sad.

its a sad song, so i guess thats what its suppose to do.

i tend to not like male vocalist but eric sings this song so beautifully.

he sounds sincere.

he makes you feel sorry for him that he lost his love.