its official

June 1, 2010

so as you know homewrecker keys is in fact pregnant with swizz beatz spawn baby.

the story goes that while swizz was married to now ex-wife moshonda, he and keys were doing the thang on the mixing boards.

the alleged affair apparently lasted some years and was the demon that started troubles in the marriage.


i wonder how this will all end.

beatz and keys are due to wed in the future, so he tells the ny daily news.

i wonder how long all this love and joy will last.

it seems like a real shady situation if you ask me.


i always say,

if he’ll cheat with you, he’ll cheat on you.

happy loving.


9 Responses to “its official”

  1. Sunshine said

    stuff comes back
    and it comes back hard
    not saying i wish everyone or anyone ill
    but Alicia will get her commings….
    and Swiss too
    I feel for his ex wife though

  2. key said


    karma is real.


  3. sue said

    i’m so disappointed in Keys…damn i thought better of her..i dun even know why, just did….home wrecker!!!!

  4. key said


    i aint surprised.

  5. Own2danext said

    Er Emm,

    Pardon me ladies.. Just curious. How yall know that wife of Swizzies wasnt just bugged out? How yall know she aint have a bugged out History that Swizzy couldnt stomach…hehe like Kelis’.. Perhaps he turned to Keys because they just happend to share common space during the course of these events or whatever.. Maybe Keys too was able to identify with what he was going through and felt for him. Perhaps she been through it B4..
    I know, I know.. Home wrecker still.. But if its a Crack House…. Den Um Sayin Yo !!! Whats really good ???

    • key said

      that may very well be.

      him not happy at home due to a situation that had nothing to do with a.keys. they may very well have been separated and not evening speaking long before ms.keys was involved with him.

      but something deep inside says that wasnt the case here.

      maybe im a hater.

      maybe i never liked a.keys and all negative gossip i concur.

      but seriously, i hope you’re right.

      for their sake.

      all of them, especially the child that will now be in the middle of whatever it is.

      i hope it was handled with respect for all involved and not just lust solidified.

  6. Own2daNext said

    I have to agree.. Something about that A. Keys
    And as far as it all being handled respectfully…
    I doubt it. The children. They will grow up not caring about it anyway, they wont be embarrassed or ashamed.. And will somehow mimic the behavior of all parties evolved. Sad.

  7. Maddy McMan said

    Mashonda will get the last laugh because Alicia Keys is an AG(you know what I’m talkin about). Its not even because she is a little hard and awkward in women’s clothing. She just gives me aggressive. Swiss done played himself and he doesn’t even know it.

  8. key said


    maddy i think you hit the nail on the head.

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