im so confused

June 4, 2010

i happend to catch gma’s summer concert this morning.

and to my delight it was dirty money.

you know, puffy’s new group.

but i just have a quick question.

are people really that rich that they can waste so much money, endlessly?


i tried to understand the point of dirty money.

and i realized that i cant understand because there is none.

there is no point in having such a group.

the world is in need of many things.

but another lame group is not one of them.

im so disappointed.

another wealthy black man insists, INSISTS  i say, on producing trash.

you knocked this one right out of the park diddy.



One Response to “im so confused”

  1. Missingmiddledraw said

    I dont get it either. People hearts are missing..
    The idea of celebrating the concept of dirty money only means one of two things being proud of something you did not earn honestly or simply being careless about something that many work really hard to obtain. Both ideas projected on to the massess perpetuate negative aspects of being.. And if this is the only thing you have to sell with your music Mr. Lucifer, I would have to say NO Thank you.. Here’s an old idea.. How bout the Love Movement? Or any other name that equates to evolving…

    And no.. No one is that rich that they can waste money endlessly.. As long as they’re people who are hungry on the same planet that you spend carelessly on you will remain morally poor.

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