a few of my favorite michael moments

June 25, 2010

i love that he can barely sing the song cause he is trying to do those moves properly.  there is no way that i could stand and watch michael perform, i would have been carried out with the other kids.

i hope you’re aware that his movements are actually a language.  he is speaking to spirits. they read symbols. his movements create symbols like hieroglyphics. at the end of this performance he does a traditional annunaki welcoming dance. he was letting them know that he is almost ready to join the enterprise.

michael was the only one that showed us a black kemet. thanks mike. and i caught eddie murphy cutting his eye at that water pouring girl, the video would have ended right there with both they heads chopped if i was the queen. i mean, nice video mike.

i love this song. michael’s performance on this is wonderful. and the sentiment is sweet. i like when he gets angry in the second verse. he sounds good when he is demanding. its a nice thought, heaven waiting. but unfortunately for us, heaven didnt wait.

i love dancing machine, i can not sit down when i hear this song. i try to do the steps with jackie and them. the best of course is michael working out his robot moves. love that!  i think michael looks cute here, but i guess he didnt think so. i love when he opens the verse with,  automatic systematic, great lyrics.


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