oh, thats what being a human is, right.

June 26, 2010

i have trouble understanding spoken language sometimes.

what we say is not necessarily what we mean.

one may say, “oh my, please stop telling those jokes, i cant catch my breath.”

but you did catch your breath, you’re speaking right?

however, when you give the signal that you are choking and the person runs up to save you,

you cant say, “oh, my bad, i wasnt actually choking i was almost choking.”

when people speak they leave a lot of room for grey.

or is that just the way people express themselves?

when we say, “ill be ready in two minutes,”  and we know we have not even showered yet, what is that called ?

are we not aware that two minutes goes quickly and we have never before done anything like bathing in two minutes.

did we forget temporarily how long a shower takes.

no, we just say what sounds good.

but why do we do that ?

isnt that lying, leading flocks astray, putting up false pretenses.

apparently not.

it has become common in our society to live in the moment.

say and do what’s good for the moment.

i guess thats what they mean by living for the day.

i should try that more,

just saying the first sweet thing that i think of,

instead of giving an honest assessment of what i truly feel and what im truly capable of doing.

and maybe i should take peoples words less seriously.

i should relax more, take it all with a grain of salt as they say.

people dont mean a quarter of what comes out of their mouths.

its all jimmer jammer.


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