what time is it ?

June 26, 2010

is it me or is time moving faster.

and no i dont believe im feeling the effects of aging.

i think that the intervals that they set for time have changed.

they claim we still get 24 hours in a day.

and an hour is 60 minutes right?

and seconds are make up of milliseconds, and prior to that is microseconds right?

well somewhere along the line something is moving faster than it was five years ago,

i swear.

maybe the nanosecond or the femtosecond is the culprit,

but one of the measurements is moving faster, i can feel it.

they can say its 60 seconds in a minute, but who’s counting.

who knows how to count?

who says when you say one mississippi that’s actually a second ?

we counting one thing and nature is counting something else.


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