chris brown gets a B-

June 28, 2010

first, all i have to say is this boy is fine.

no seriously, chris did a good job dancing and all.

however, i wonder if he broke down trying to sing man in the mirror cause he was touched,

or because he couldnt breathe after all that running back and forth.


10 Responses to “chris brown gets a B-”

  1. sunshine said

    No F! Say F!
    Kidding 🙂
    man he really messed it up for himself
    if he never hit rhianna
    There would be no I invented sex
    say ahh
    panty droppa
    neighbors know my name
    But yes he did good 😛

  2. key said

    that is true!

    if he had stayed relevant there is no way that these few fools would have make any type of mark.

    but, there was a void that needed to be filled ….. fast.

    and for the last time,

    HE DID NOT HIT HER!!!!!!!!

    lol, im denial im sorry.

    • sunshine said

      Hahaha its okay 😛

      I just wish……….press coverage didnt ruin allt he good music 😛

      there haha

  3. key said

    true, very true.

  4. christian said

    he just should not of been there . . . bad call by the production. the kid still has demons and he hasn’t even begun to heal as noted by his breakdown.

    this is a fine example of how the industry pushes celebrity and not humanity.

    unimpressive performance and it simply was not needed.

    he should be focused on healing and helping himself, the kid is still and will be a hot mess for a while

  5. key said


    you make it sound as if he hit somebody.

    oh wait, he did.

    aww well, maybe you’re right.

    but in all seriousness, i agree with you.

    he still has ALOT of more personal work ahead of himself and it is true that the industry has a tremendous track record at not being able to provide their employees with the best possible working environments.

    i too hope he will focus more on his own reality and less on the delusions of the industry.

  6. Danceboy Dance.. said

    Ha! I have to beg to differ. First with the boy being fine. You absolutely cannot be fine and be a BOY at the same time.. And thats exactly what he is.. On stage carrying on like he was even alive when Michael was doing his thing.. LOL 🙂
    Overall paying tribute through dance… He gets an A.
    In addition does anyone know if Rhianna was blacking out because of Chris’s phone kept going off that night?? Kicking, spitting, screaming cursing and clawing at him while in that car? (that was the first question). In addition
    I can agree with the fact that its wrong for a Man not only to strike a woman but anyone or thing unless its in self deffense (with the exception of ur hardheaded children. lol) Thats a Man Rule !!! But im not sure what the rules are for Women in this regard…. or the consequenses for breaking them… Could someone Please advise ???

  7. key said

    mr. dance

    i do agree with you that there was no attention brought to rihannas behavior which im sure was not as elegant as her camp would like us to think.

    however, i think we both agree that whatever her behavior was, it does not constitute her getting a beat down.

    buy yes, i think that the negative behavior in which some women choose to communicate to men should be addressed. because as we all know those types of communication tactics do not lead to positive results for either persons involved.

  8. tameka said

    wait a minute and christina the both of you are going to get off of my chris brown. now for one he is fine as hell….dont hate. for two HE DIDNT DO IT…sorry lol…i lost my mind for a minute. three i think he did a good job and i think his feelings were real. i think it actually was perfect timing on his part. great job MTV. and i love you chris no matter what they say. he made a terrible mistake but hasnt he been through enough. i mean when is it going to be okay for him to continue on w/ his career. and he’s young poeple give him time.

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