janelle monae gets an A-

June 28, 2010

janelle monae gave the best performance last night.

however, i have to give her an  A-  cause she be hanging around puffy.


yeah well i said it.

she made a bad business move.

did yall see how he was trying to play her at the after party thing that taraji and them was hosting?

dont turn a blind eye.

when big tigger was saying how great janelle was,

someone just so happened to throw diddy a cell phone.

oh, so he  just had to take that call right when he was supposed to chime in with,

“yeah she was awesome!!”

he spose to be the first one saying she was great.

any other time he saying something is great and it aint.

here was a good time to promote something.

but no,  he had to take a call.


dont need no hateration, holleration in this dancerie.


2 Responses to “janelle monae gets an A-”

  1. Kendra said

    LOL! LMAO!

  2. key said

    but honey, its true! lol

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