oh well, better luck next life

July 8, 2010

when i was a kid, i wanted to be an archeologist.

i was fascinated by science, math and history.

my mother, who was a teacher, would bring home the most interesting books for me.

i was especially excited one day when she brought a microscope home.

i loved looking at the flies and worms i found in the back yard.

placing their little parts on the glass slides, pretending that i knew what i was looking at.

i imagined that my adult life would be spent discovering artifacts, digging for lost parts of history.

somewhere along the line my interests swayed and i began to enjoy the things that most young ladies do.

but when i had those times to myself i would remember that feeling i had.

those dreams of discovering what was lost.

ive always been one for history.

and in my adult life i’ve tried to continue some of the secret goals i had as a kid.

unfortuanelty, its a bit late to become an archeologist.

but the blessing that has been given through time is my access to information.

with the help of my friend the internet, i have been able to research more than i ever dreamed of learning as a kid.

sure it would have been great to become one of the few black female archeologists.

but maybe ill give that a real go around next lifetime.


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