are we there yet

July 14, 2010

dealing with depression sucks.

and the worst part about it is that ill probably have it for the rest of my life.

i dont remember a time when i wasnt depressed.

i remember being in day care around the age of three wanting to go home.

i didnt want to learn to tie my shoe, or watch popeye.

i wanted to go home and sleep.

the most fun i had was always when i used my imagination.

that was the only time i was truly happy.

and still is.

i wonder how long itll be.

this journey, this road.

i wonder, cause im getting tired.


6 Responses to “are we there yet”

  1. feete said

    we are indeed kindred spirits. at least we can always share our depression…it’s not our fault, it’s this crappy world we are trapped in hen we know we came from a place much better…at least that’s what i tell myself 🙂

  2. key said

    feete you are so right.

    and i try to remember that.

    but sometimes i forget, thanks for reminding me my sister. : )

    it is the world.

    and i guess i greatly miss what we had before.

  3. blaksoulfire said

    Take solace in the knowledge that the world is that much better because you are here doing your thing…

    You’re appreciated!

  4. key said


    those words mean a lot.

    thanks so much for them.

    : )

  5. feete said

    here’s your prescription, go see the rainbow on mushrooms…hehehehe

  6. key said



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