im so confused

July 21, 2010

so they had her go through hours of surgery and weeks of recovery so that she could do what exactly?

cause miss thing is wack.

what’s also sad is all the well wishes this broad gets.

do people realize that we are promoting that you arent good enough as you were created.

you must have at least a gallon of silicone in your behind to be considered pretty nowadays.

i guess when little girls start dropping like flies from the knock off chemicals injected into their bodies, people will then say, ” where did we go wrong? “

i hope her career goes well, other wise how will she pay for the impending collapsed breast implant or the leaking behind?

how will she manage to keep up all that stuff in her body is she aint got no money.

i guess she will do whatever the hell kim does.


4 Responses to “im so confused”

  1. feete said

    question is what does Kim do…..hmmmm, she doan rap she doan sing, see I know what she doan do now i needs to know what she do do…lmao. thinkshe can do it enuff to give us back the original kim that biggie liked

  2. key said


    i bet she wishes that she could just go back to the kim that biggie liked.

  3. I don’t see the big deal about her myself. Sounds too much like Keith Sweat.

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