train singer

July 21, 2010

yesterday on the g train, there was an old man singing this song.

almost brought me to tears, cause he was so good.

and i imagine that like many, because he was not beautiful or tall enough or whatever,  he never made it.

but there he was on the train, singing the hell out of tracy’s song.

i wished i could have given him more, but i only had a dollar to spare.

he deserves more for the gift he possesses.

made my day.


3 Responses to “train singer”

  1. JR said

    that is awesome, I love to see talent, where you least expect it. I also forgot how much I liked Tracy Chapman. Where is she now?

  2. key said


    where is she?

    i didnt realize how much i liked this song until i heard this man.

    ahh talent.

  3. Maddy McMan said

    Some of those subway performers a amazing. I remember one night when i coming home from the plantation(starbucks) hearing this older white man. He was singing that stevie nicks song Landslide. I still think about it sometimes.

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