cold, cold moutain

August 9, 2010

when i worked at the mercer hotel, i saw a lot of famous people.

but it wasnt until after one particular guests death that i came to appreciate who he really was.

everyone loved anthony minghella.

he was a favorite guest of ours.

i remember one winter i began having sleepless nights.

i got lucky one night around four and turned to a movie as it was just beginning.

it was cold mountain.

i fell in love with the film.

and upon beginning my research about the film the following morning,

i learned that  anthony minghella had not only written the screenplay but he had directed it as well.

i was eager to tell him how much i enjoyed the film should he engage us with conversation on his next visit.

but sadly, it was the news of his sudden death that reached us that spring.

this scene from the film is a favorite of mine.

its of a perfect kiss goodbye.

some critic that the film wasnt very good at all.

but over all the feel of the film is good.

its a comforting film,


it reminds me of mr. minghella.


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