almost time to fall

August 11, 2010

fall is my favorite time of the year.

the chill in the air.

the earlier sets of the sun.

its a cozy time.

i tend to visit prospect park more in the fall than in the summer.

i love the falling leaves and the way the park begins to feel like an actual fairy forest.

i remember when i was a girls scout, troop 2691, we used to rake the leaves in prospect park every year.

even then, i never wanted to leave.


4 Responses to “almost time to fall”

  1. J.R. said

    I agree, it is my favorite season of all!!!!! I can’t wait, maybe last fall, I had a blog about very similar to yours about the fall! Cant wait!

  2. Tameka said

    you always waiting for a damn fall. and you are always ready to walk thru some prospect park. and for someone who hated….and i say hated girl scouts you sho got some fond memories of troup 2691. lol but i guess prospect park has something ot do with that.. huh?

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